The man nods in approval. “Ah yes, Hero Builder. The first candle we ever made.” He holds up the candle to you. As you grip it you find yourself flooded with information.

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 The Hero Builder: Core Rulebook© is truly the first Universal Role-Playing Game for everyone. If you have ever wanted to create your own worlds, or just want to play in a world that does not have a RPG made for it then Hero Builder© is for you.

 As the flash of insight fades from your mind you find the man looking at you.

"Once I add it to your cart and you buy it It will send you to the download link. I would bookmark it as you might need to redownload it later."

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Choose from three types of campaigns, create your own fully customizable heroes and let the Hero Master guide you along your story with friends or new acquaintances.


  • Streamlined Character Creation (1/2 Hour to an Hour)
  • Streamlined Campaign Creation (Foes, Obstacles, ext.)
  • Can be used with any Genre
  • Homebrew Friendly
  • Community Driven


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