The Team

We here at The Table Candle, LLC publish Board Games, Video Games and Card Games that have passion and determined people behind it. We will publish and produce any game that will spark joy in the hearts of its players.

If it has the Candle Stick, no matter the Games Flame, we guarantee we did our best to bring you that light.

A diesel fueled Hero  who started all of this. He is the original conceiver of the Universal RPG System: HERO BUILDER. If it was not for him, we would not be here today.

His Current Heroes are:
Tigs the Mighty, Agaman Gal
The Heroine of the wee folk and is the team's primary charisma based power house. If ever you need aid in our Discord or in Chat duing the streams, shes got your back!

Her Current Heroes are:
Bijou the Seere
A Man with rose tinted glasses and a weakness for puns. He is The Table Candles backbone, keeping us up and running for you all.

His Current Heroes are:
Jane Sheperd, Raz the Brave, Sigbert the Oru-ka

It is you who have come here, it is you who value song and cheer, and it is YOU HERO who makes The Table Candle, thrive and give warmth to all who find it.

So gather round and Ignite your Light


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