The Game with No Tanlines

I sat eyeing the two cards in my hand, her hand eyes hovering in-between them. If she picked the one on my right I would survive. Yet if she took the card on the left… our friends leaned in around the table, each with marching pairs of cards on the table in front of them. Her eyes opened as in understanding and she grabbed the left card. There was a pause, a silent, as she flipped the match to her card. Both people on them naked. One pushing a stroller, while the other breast fed her child. Yet the card I was left with had two people burnt by the sun. She laughed in surprise as she saw her picked card. Our friends cheered her victory.

I just let out a loud and joyous, “I’M BURNT!”

 SUNBURNT is a party game that will leave no one feeling excluded from the FUN!
Play Clothed or in the Buff as you try not to get SUNBURNT

See the Artical by Clothes Free Life Magazine!


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