Hero Builder
Universal Role-Play Game Core Rulebook

The Hero Builder: Core Rulebook is a Universal Role-Playing System.
If you have ever wanted to create your own worlds, or just want to play in a world that does not have a RPG made for it then Hero Builder is for you.

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Check out this Hot Update for July, Full of new stuff!

Whats new?

We have nailed down Hero Builders main dice, three 8-sided Dice.
This brings more balance to fate in games, and allow for more
abilities to shine
We also updated the Hero Sheets and changed some old flairs

Movement has been updated.

Heroes Start with 10-feet or 2 spaces

With the addition of their stats this number can go up

Along with this we changed the range of powers from 12 to 6.

Max Item Durability is now much easier to figure out

The Maintenance Rule has been changed.

Heroes now have to keep up with their items durability 

Less they have to repair the item at a high cost


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With 2020 at an end we bring to you a new update to the Hero Builder System.

Whats new?

Weapons, Clothing/Armor & Items can now be crafted out of materials
Time is now a factor for crafting items as well as Heroes Hunger

A new Grading system to determine item durability, Called T.A.P.E.

Items can now aid heroes who can not walk or have lost limbs

Heroes can now hire people to aid in the creation of Items

Items can be enhanced, pushing them further then when they were created 

Items can now be given storage slots to hold other items

Items now effect combat

Items can be given a size to reduce cost of use


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